Property Search

Selling Process

1 Valuation

Our free no obligation market appraisal takes into account a number of variables from the current market conditions to the internal condition of your property, size and position down to the proximity to local schools, transport links and green spaces.

2 Selecting An Agent

When selecting an agent look at

  • Previous selling track record
  • Properties on market
  • Average time property is listed for
  • Active buyers on their books
  • Expertise and market knowledge an agent that does not know their market cannot help you.

3 Instructing A Solicitor

When instructing a solicitor ensure you are selecting the right person for the job, check you are selecting a regulated firm that will pay attention to your case and ensure there is regular communication between your solicitor the agent and you. If you require assistance on this s front we have a number of firms that we can recommend dependant on the nature of your purchase.

4 Presenting Your Property

First impressions cannot be repeated it is imperative to present your property in an appealing manner. The key thing to offer your home is a blank canvas on which buyers can project their future home. Remove as many personal items as possible minimalize clutter as this restricts the size of the property remove strong personal statements if you are serious about selling.

Neutral colour schemes maximise the sense of space and bring light into a home. Invest in good quality paint we can recommend brands of such nature.

If you have carpets have them professionally cleaned. If they are old and likely to put off potential buyers then remove them and show wooden floor boards or simple stone instead of a high end touch. Replace anything that is broken such as doors, handles, and curtain rails. Get a second opinion have friends look at your property with fresh eyes and point out the things they see which either appeal to them or turn them off. Make the most of those architectural features which stand out for the right reasons. Seek to minimise or rectify any area of potential concern. Ensure your property is professionally cleaned.

5 Marketing Your Property

Most experts agree that photographs are one of the most important elements in a successful property sale and in today’s crowded London market this is truer than ever. As independent estate agents in London our in house specialists mean our level of service truly stands out.

Unlike many of our competitors we have a fully qualified in-house photographer. What’s more he comes from an Estate Agency background and has worked for Legacy Property Consultants for many years. His expertise in both photography and property allows us to provide unparalleled flexibility, photo quality and attention to detail. Having our own photographer enables us to offer a personal yet professional service.

Floor plan production is also overseen in-house which allows us to provide clear and specific floor plans that are accessible both in our brochures and online.

The quality of photography is essential in today's online world. When a potential buyer/tenant visits a property website and your property listing is not clicked on your property to access the full details there is a less than 1% chance that an enquiry will be made. Research has shown that the number one reason someone will click through is the appeal of the image they see.

Of course presentation of the property will help the photographs look even better.

The additional advantages to an in-house photographer and design team is the speed with which we can get your property to the market, as well as the flexibility that if it is raining we can come back another day.

6 Receiving An Offer

Upon receiving an offer for your property your consultant will articulate this across to you in writing giving details on your prospective buyers terms of offer detailing their purchase method, initial time scale whether they are in a chain (meaning they have to sell another property in order for them to release funds for them to purchase) and offer amount enabling you to make an informed decision. The buyer will fill out one of Legacy Property Consultants prospective purchase documents giving Legacy detailed information enabling Legacy to expedite matter s once these details are added to memorandum of sale should you choose to accept the offer.

7 Offer Agreed

Upon agreeing to offer we shall ask for this in writing detailing the terms on which you choose to accept the offer. Supplying us with your solicitors details in order to put both respective solicitors in contact to initiate the conveyancing process. Dependant on terms of agreeing your offer the property will then be listed as under offer, withdrawn from the market or will be kept as available.

8 Exchange Of Contracts

When you receive an offer on your property we will make sure you are fully informed of the potential buyer’s position and any timeframes / conditions they have so you are in a position to decide if this works for you.

Once you have accepted an offer our team of Consultants will prepare the Memorandum of Sale and write to all parties to confirm the agreed sale price and any related conditions of the sale. The negotiator will then be your main contact and communicator between all parties, guiding your sale through to exchange and completion.

Legacy Property Consultants are with you throughout the entire process and will do everything they can to ensure a smooth transaction; we work with your solicitor, the buyer’s solicitor and mortgage broker and of course liaise with you and your buyer. If you are buying another property we will also keep in contact with the agent you are buying through to ensure everything is proceeding smoothly and we are meeting the necessary timeframes.

There are no legal obligations on either side until contracts have been signed and exchanged, so if it works for you it is good to get there as soon as possible.

We advise that you sign your contract as soon as possible so that you are in a position to proceed once all enquiries are answered and your buyer has signed their contract and transferred their deposit to their solicitor (usually 10% of the purchase price). The completion date will need to be agreed by both parties by the point of exchange and we will of course help you to get this agreed.

9 Completion

Completion occurs when the remaining money is transferred to your solicitor from the buyer’s solicitor. We release keys to you once we get confirmation the money is with your solicitor. Congratulations - the sale has gone through!